The Murray region is home to unique desert, river, and wetland landscapes.

Here are some highlights you should not miss:

Perry Sandhills

The Perry Sandhills is 10 hectares of striking red sandhills that were once part of the huge Willandra Lakes System and date back to an ice age 40,000 years ago. Evidence suggests that the Barkindji people lived here since ancient times and bones of megafauna found in the Sandhills also reveal that huge kangaroos, wombats and other creatures once roamed the region. Located 5 kilometres from Wentworth near Mildura.

Confluence of the Murray and Darling rivers

Head to Wentworth to Junction Park and climb the viewing tower to overlook the spot where the Murray and Darling rivers converge. In times of high water levels, the waters of the two rivers are distinctly different colours. See where they merge and flow on to Lock 10 and weir.

Kings Billabong

Bordered by a wide stretch of the Murray River, home to majestic river red gums and a variety of bird life, Kings Billabong Reserve is an ideal place to discover nature and history. See the historic Psyche Pumping Station, built in 1891 by the Chaffey Brothers to meet the needs of the irrigation settlement. Follow the Nature Walk, spot bird populations, take in fabulous views over the Billabong and see shell middens and scarred trees – evidence of the local Aboriginal people who lived around the billabong. Kings Billabong is on the Murray River floodplain, 8 kilometres south-east of Mildura.